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Kaly or Jay

First of all, thank you for the overwhelming response to my 365th blip yesterday. I've begun responding to those of you who commented and will catch up with the rest tomorrow. I seem to have burst my balloon before I saw it, possibly by backblipping the previous three days' pictures immediately after posting the 365th.

I have begun my phase of less frequent blipping by making a ninety-mile round trip to see some lion cubs and spending the evening working on the shortlisted images, and posting my blip while I'm hungry and needing something to eat.

Since my last visit a month ago the new cubs at Bristol Zoo have been named by their keepers. The male is called Jayendra, or Jay for short, and the female is Kalyana, or Kaly. I've no idea which I have pictured here, but both have grown considerably.

They were both at the rear of the enclosure with their mother, Shiva, when I arrived, but while I went round the corner trying to see if I could get a better view, she decided to show them off to me by bringing them nearer the front, only to find I had vanished. She gave me a look when I returned that said, "Too late, Ginger" as she led them away, only leaving me time to take a couple of hurried shots. Their father, Kamal, was dozing a short distance away.

Lens: Sigma 70-300mm

Shiva And Cub

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