More greater tales about not a lot

I was so stroked today! I'll say no more but, well, if you insist, I got the equivalent of being mentioned in dispatches. Thankfully, without having to actually storm a machine gun nest or take a bullet through any soft tissue. And later on I took the boss lady's bag down to her cab. She was genuinely thrilled and phoned me back to tell me I was a real gentleman. I must admit, I just can't help it. It's spelled t.a.r.t.
Now, where was I? Oh yes, inflating my ego with imaginary tributes. It's a harmless pastime, but a bit addictive.
This evening I was briefly in the door before taking the civic omnibus down to meet some blippers and partake in some of SooB's most amazing chocolate cake. The second best cake I've ever had. And an Aberlour for the road with Instography. Work tomorrow anyone?

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