From the Printer

So, from work up to the Cameo to see Into the Abyss, Herzog's latest about a triple murder in Texas ten years ago. Film Review Time! The film retraces the events with a local policeman tramping out to the woods where the bodies were found and flashes back with old police footage and then centres round the two men convicted, one of whom is executed shortly after filming started. It's a curious film, almost dreamlike in the strangeness of the damaged lives and Herzog's questioning is at times wry and humorous. And what's it with some people? A woman hundreds of miles away, who never knew Burkett (one of the killers), throws herself at him and they get married. He'll get out in 2051!

After that, I joined a posse who made their way to the Diggers to talk the usual rubbish about pandas and salmon fishing and model planes. And are all little boys horrid to insects when no one is looking? It seems we all were. And did Mr T really take his 'better half' to see the pandas in the hope of getting her interested in sex?

Right! The works hooter has blown - time to sprint to the factory gates for the long weekend. First stop - the Guildford! Barman!

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