The Futurist

I have received an invitation. Customer Strategies & Technologies Summit. Magnus Lindquist: Trend Spotter and Futurist!

See - you can make money being a futurist! One of the oldest professions, actually. Of course, if you want to cut it at the Corporate top table, don't take your crystal ball along. That kind of gives the game away. Clairvoyant's Shop. Closed due to unforeseen circumstances. None of that; you need to be taken seriously. Remember your audience. Deep down, they're only human, after all. And not that deep down actually. Just scratch. They're worried. If they were only worried about themselves, you could massage their head and give them herbal tea and charge them 100 quid. But you're after serious money. You know Where the Deep Pockets Are. Deep breath (at this point your assistant* counts you down).
[music fades. chap strolls across stage. relaxed. serious. holds podium. smiles.] Pensioner (for it is he) begins....

* recruiting shortly; please send CV and recent picture

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