By RustyKlicker


More metal today, but this is not the rough stuff. This is much more refined and engineered to the max! The quality, detail and finish is quite exquisite. Even if you hated golf you could admire the craftsmanship, surely?

This little beauty is going to propel a little white ball over 180 yards up the fairway, dead straight too!

Yes as you've guessed from the title, it's my birthday today, not Blipday but real birthday. The new clubs are my 'main' present and I have a few other lovely items from family and friends.

I am going out for dinner tonight and on Friday and on Saturday and then for lunch on Sunday!!

Can you feel the excitement!!!! (lame attempt to cover this weeks 'excitement' challenge.

I am so milking this although I do feel fat already. Pass the Gaviscon.

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