By RustyKlicker

Meeting Place.

(Use big brother voice) Day 2 of the RustyKlicker birthday experience, where has he been today?

Well in truth I have been at my desk most of the day but have also ventured out in the sunshine feeling the warmth. If you are interested, last nights birthday dinner was fab.

I have visited the golf club to collect my events diary, the driving range to smash little balls with the new clubs (see yesterday) and down to Halfords to order new number plates for the off road beast (not very scary) that is the Suzuki Jimny. On this latter point, I hope to be blipping some proper off road fun later this spring.

Whilst returning from my trip I decided to stop of at a small development of building plots to suss the place out. It is a site that I considered buying before the credit crunch and thank goodness I didn't! I have passed this site many times over the last couple of years and noted the lack of any progress with not a single plot or house sold or under construction. They must be struggling or wealthy.

Anyway, my business interest in the place is something for another day but my walk around the grounds revealed this rather nice little meeting place in the woods. I am not sure who carved these or for what purpose but you can seat 15 to 20 people easily should you so wish.

Perhaps a simple explanation exists such as a scout or guide leader lived here previously and they held pow wows in the trees for the kids excitement, or perhaps it's something else entirely. We shall never know, unless the previous owner blips on here and cares to comment?

Anyway, for today's blip I give you the 'Meeting Place'.

Must dash and prepare for tomorrows supercar experience at Lochearnhead. No prizes for guessing tomorrows subject.

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