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5. Daffodils under the rain

5th entry for my 12 flowers theme.

The weather was all over the place again here in Edinburgh. I've lived in here for almost sixteen years and I still haven't learned the following equation: Edinburgh in the rain + umbrella = not a good idea. My umbrella, however, sort of managed to survive the strong winds this morning!

Bad weather also equals busy at work, because the rain and wind just draws people in. So, it was fairly busy at work today.

Still feeling embarrassed at my stupidity regarding the electrics in my kitchen, but I've realised that I'm not the only one in this world that has daft moments. I'll tell you a few examples: Tourist standing next to the castle asked me the other day: Could you please tell me how to get to the Castle? (awkward moment. Just pointed to the caslte next to her). Someone the other day at the whisky shop, pointing at a bottle of whisky with a label that clearly indicated whisky on it, asked: Is this whisky? (you are in a whisky shop, didn't you notice? - I Didn't say that, by the way). Today someone asked me if they had to pay for the free translation audio guides. So, see! I'm not the only one! Made me feel a bit better.

I hope the weather marginally improves tomorrow.

I had a few guesses for my flower picture yesterday. My fellow blipper and friend jackjack thought it could be Pyracantha, but another fellow blipper pennybun mentioned it might be a bit early for either Hawthorn or Pyracantha, so it was pobably Spiraea. I have another friend that told me that it was Spiraea bridal wreath. So I guess it must be Spiraea Blossom! Thanks very much for all your help and all your comments!

I hope you all had a nice day!

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