Mustard Seeds

By mimblemog

Bird's eye

This is why I love my home. Took a drive up the mountain and once again realised just how blessed I am to live here.

The top of Mt Wellington is one of my favourite places in the whole wide world. Some day I'd love to spend a day, from sun rise to set, sitting up there and photographing Hobart as it lives a day. Everyone's friendly up there, whether it's windy, calm, raining, snowing, or sunning. There's a mixture of locals and visitors, and always someone asking 'What's that there?', and someone to answer them.

They say you can see 200km on a good day, today I could see Ben Lomond which is far up near the top of Tasmania. The smoke haze is customary at this time of the year, forestry carries out controlled burns to reduce bush fire danger. There's always a lot of complaints about it, but personally I'd rather have a few weeks of controlled burn offs than uncontrolled bushfires.

More photos from this expedition here.

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