horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

Room with a View

First day in the new job was... fine.

Lovely folk, nice views (both out to the Pentlands over Murrayfield, and in the other direction to Arthur's Seat and the Castle), etc etc etc. I think my general unease it at moving to this completely different world (massive organisation and open plan office; rather than 20 odd people whittled down to about 5 and an entire floor all to myself) is down to being the newbie for the first time in 6 years. Everything is new, everyone is new, and we don't know anything about each other at all.

I can't stand settling in periods. I'm not good at new people or at gauging where to pitch the conversation. And it's not helped that my little block of four desks had only one other person today, and will have no others tomorrow, with my back to the rest of the team. That makes conversation even more difficult, and has to look premeditated, or feels like butting in.

I'm sure it'll come good...

p.s. Please note Messrs Blipfoto, that's not a border, but the window frame.

p.p.s. Interesting response to the Andrew Hoyle article yesterday. Always saw it as tongue-in-cheek, given the rather random nature of it. I stand by my assertion that my main issue with it isn't the faux-attack on everyone here, but rather that I personally found it disjointed and unfunny. I love good ranters, but Charlie Brooker or Stewart Lee he wasn't.

p.p.p.s. And yes. Maybe I am bitter about the fact I suggested a regular column in this style to the SoS aaaaaaaages ago.

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