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By dianafieldphoto

111 / 365 - Anonymous 'Secret's' Challenge: 04

Anonymous Secret 04: "When I was a kid I would wish or have dreams where I could fly or ride a levitating bike that would take me over the most beautiful landscapes in the world."

I can't seem to get on to Formspring where all your secret's are logged... so I'm admitting to using a secret of my own (it's not really a shocking secret haha!) for this one today. Just a silly childhood fantasy I guess :) I still remember some incredible flying dreams from 10 years ago!

This is a pic of the gorgeous sky view from my window this afternoon, layered with an image my friend Kate took of me in the sun at dance rehearsals today trying out my new jumpsuit costume... final day in the theatre before the big exam! I'm finally getting better stamina for the demands of Alston... I just wish my knees will hold out until Tuesday! This injury is so annoying!

*I've just realized it looks like I have half a leg... haha - it's just in attitude so hiding!

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