Early morning doorway

This door is just outside la porte de Cassan, one of the four historic gateways into the fortified village in the Middle Ages. Here, outside the ramparts were the barris (in Occitan), the medieval suburbs, and the road past this building leads down to the river and eventually to the stepping-stone crossing which was the old route towards the Chateau de Cassan and Roujan, the next village.

I was out at 8 this morning (unusually early for me) to catch the sun before it disappears, as it's doing now, and found my planned balcony wasn't in the sun at that hour - I'll have to blip that another time. It was interesting, though, to see the village in early morning light.

When I started blipping just over two years ago, I anticipated a fairly impersonal sharing of photos and comments on photos, but I quickly found that it's the people who make Blip - thank you all for your company!

And thanks to all who work at Blip, constantly improving this wonderful phenomenon.

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