By TeeJay


I headed down to Hokitika to visit my parents and bring grandson Sebastian down to see his great grandparents. Great trip (except for the torrential rain through Reefton). I was going to stop and take all sorts of photos, but Sebastian fell asleep 5 minutes out of Murchison and I didn't want to wake him - and so he slept the entire 3 hour trip.

We went out for a drive this afternoon and I took photos of typical Hoikitika things - the bridge, the town from the top of the hill, the river mouth, driftwood etc. But my favourite is this one of my Mother and Sebastian (one of her 4 great grandchildren). Sebastian does love his Great Gran, he's just trying to escape to go and play on the beach that he can see.

They're sitting on one of the 'chairs' that are scattered around Hokitika. There are all sorts of 'chair art' pieces around town but this one, made in concrete to look like an old squishy armchair, is my favourite. It looks out to sea, and has a superb view. So it's a pity that in order to photograph people in it you have the public toilets as a background. Still, I guess they're nice looking as far as public facilities go.

Off to Christchurch tomorrow to return Sebastian to his Mum. It'll be my first trip over Otira in about 5 years - since I moved to Murchison I tend to go to Hoki down the coast or Christchurch over the Lewis. Will be a nostalgic trip for me - reminding me of all the years I lived in Hoki and visited Chch, and the other years when I lived in Chch and visited Hoki.

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