Darrell K Morris

By darrellkmorris

Take My Heart

4.45 p.m. New Cross, South East London.

I loved this hoarding I found for a tattoo parlour in New Cross earlier today. Thankfully, it was shut and I was able to photograph it propely without having the owner come outside and drawing me in to have some work done. I don't know if it is a sign of getting older and maybe the on-set of an early midlife crisis, but I been tempted to look at designs from time to time especially when I am working in town and I see most Soho hipsters with a plethora of designs or when I walk by a parlour.

So much so that I have even decided on a design (or two) Going for the modern classic Swallow with Scroll or never to be out of fashion Nautical Design. Though I do balk slightly at the thought of having MUM inked onto my body and may simply leave it blank in the hope that someone out there is worth putting their name on me one day.

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