Seeing as I am

By seeingasiam

Summerhouse Blues

This image is for JK10 as I know she loves redheads.

This is Victoria, the beautiful daughter of one of our her last year of uni and soon to be heading off to med school.

She's asked me to photograph her and her boyfriend together and I'm very honoured by that request. Henry will be devastated to learn she has a boyfriend as he loves Victoria dearly and can't wait to grow up so he can ask her to marry him!

Today the 'butterfly' table and chairs for our summerhouse arrived. H could barely contain his excitement and wanted to eat supper outdoors...which we've been doing for over a week, just on a makeshift table and chair arrangement. Unfortunately today it was too chilly to eat supper outdoors even though the sun was shining. Cue tears and disappointment...but we've promised that we'll christen it as soon as the British spring permits.

I've made 24 little chocolate cup cakes for the school party tomorrow and H has made a crown for the crown competition...he's so not going to win, unless the judges go for Bakugan and Pokemon in a big way! It's original though...and pure H. I was going to Blip it but he's forbidden it in case someone steals his design. He has supreme self-belief does H ;-)

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