Five things

By fivethings


1. ARRRRGGHGHGHGHGHGHGH. Tuesdays - damn you! At least some things always stay the same. I can always rely on you Tuesday!

2. Home and left over pork for tea which is lovely and makes me feel a little less blocked up, sore necked and sorry for myself.

3. I tuck into the nice bottle of chianti - for medicinal purposes - and look out my window. My neighbourhood is, what you might call, colourful. It's rough and ready, but from my elevated position it's very pretty view.

4. I stumble across a documentary about Delphi and it reminds me of when I went there as a young teenager. It was for a while my favourite place in the whole world. I had never been to somewhere so very beautiful - the way it looked and smelled and felt and sounded - I loved it.

5. I play some music and think about that trip to Greece and about Mr Johnson, who organised it all. He was my favourite teacher, teaching me not only Classics but directing the school shows and providing me with my best and lasting school experiences. Around the time that dad died we spoke a lot about what being a good teacher means. And I often think about how those people stay with you for the rest of your life. My dad filled that role for many people and Mr Johnson filled it for me. He is another man who, like my own dad, died too early but is impossible to forget.

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