Five things

By fivethings

lets formulate a balloon plan

1. Things are starting to arrive making it all seem very real again. Today it's the balloons. There is nothing - nothing - funnier than buzzing helium. See for yourself...

2. Last day of having mum's car at my disposal and I do what everyone with a car does and head to B&Q. It freaks me out and I panic buy things I know won't be right. That's always been my experience of B&Q. It's good to know some things never change.

3. My living room is bare floor boarded, swept and ready for action.

4. Off up to EK to collect mum from her holibags. She seems to have had a swell time and we have a lovely blether as we head back down the hill.

5. No trip to Ireland would be complete without a packet of Taytos. Best. Crisps. Ever.

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