Five things

By fivethings

A day to remember

1. Four years ago today my dad died. It was around two in the afternoon and we were all there with him.

2. Today, Mum, Douglas, Caroline, Ellis and I all hung out together. We had lunch and did the dummy run to the maternity ward so we all know where to go in a week or two.

3. After the duty is done we head to House for an Art Lover and straight to the playground. It's a brilliant place - all grass and sculptures turned into swings and slides.

4. The sun shines and the three women watch as Doulgas plays with his daughter. He is a great dad, it's plain for all to see. About 34 years ago he took the picture I've used as my Blip today. We worked out that dad would have been about 28 in this picture and he's holding me at around 18 months.

5. I remember going to the swings with my dad, probably in the easter holidays, the sun shining. You were swung higher and faster when it was dad there behind you. You could feel braver and happy knowing he was there with you. Higher and faster. Braver and happier.

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