All Those Pretty Things..

By erinsharp


Today started off extremely slowly with trying to get my art done, going to Tesco's and Staples, and then tidying up the house ready for when Ed came round...

When he got round we went out in the car to try and take some photo's and we DID have the intention of doing something fancy with the photo's but actually when we got back we (well I) liked what I'd already taken so kept it the same. Ed was a bit more fussy and decided my photo's were much better than his ;)

So here is Ed demonstrating just how he'd have liked me to be so HE could take a photo :P Tough luck!

Unfortunately there was a murder on the way home!!! =[ We ran over a poor little rabbit =[ one family will be grieving tonight! =[

Now we're back and just in time for tea! Fajitas tonight!


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