While on my runs

By waipushrink

A local cafe

Running out of oomph just at present, so as I set Monday's aside for admin, I chose a slow start and went for a late afternoon run, just before getting the boys; one from after school where he enjoys fun and games on a Monday, and the other from his kindy where he was recently promoted to the preschool group. Turned up at both places still in the running gear, but with a light shower proof jacket on for appearances sake. Fortunately all is only a few minutes walk from both their home and ours.

While on my run I stopped as I went past this cafe, as I was taken by the mosaics on the wall against the sidewalk. Although I go past this cafe many times a week (on runs, to and from work, just in general) I have yet to sample its wares. When I do I may report on it.

On a cold and wet day during which the sun was never visible, this injection of colour caught my attention, and as my only photograph today, choosing was easy. S is right as usual.

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