All Those Pretty Things..

By erinsharp

Oh...They're all gone

So today was a slow one, and not an overly cheerful one. First lesson I couldn't find where I was supposed to be for French, so ended up spending the lesson with my Mum trying to explain to her how I was definitely going to fail the exam... (My mum works at the school by the way).

However I was then told that in an exam I did last week in French I got a B... Pure fluke!

Media went okay but that's because I really enjoy it and I have good company :)

Then DOUBLE art... single is bad enough! I didn't get THAT much done, but I filled the gaps so I can't complain.

"Accidentally" bumped into Ed in Tesco's!

Free last which I used to do my practice maths exam!

What a drag of a day... But all was not over! I had to get my final art piece photocopied and this was more expensive than we were hoping... Oops. The things I we do for art! Sheesh!

Here are some photos I've taken recently which haven't quite made the cut for blip.

Sleep time now... well soon anyway, 90210 and Vampire Diaries yet.

Til Tomorrow.

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