Le Parc

Went to breakfast in Bethlehem at Jumbar's. It was excellent. I'm so impressed with the food options in Allentown. Why doesn't my hometown at LEAST have a decent breakfast option?! I've been spoiled from the PAC NW. I've been ruined for all sub-par breakfasts. Alas.

Headed on over to Philly to hang out with one of Mike's best friends who was relaxing between his first and second years of med school. Caught the Flyer's game at a bar. Mike and I went to Noble, a farm-to-table restaurant just off Rittenhouse Square that will soon be written up for its cocktails and noteworthy mixologist. I had the Peking duck breast. While it doesn't resemble the Peking duck my dad prepares in our garage for holidays, it was especially delicious. I'm very happy we went there. My goal, when traveling, is to eat delicious food. Well, my goal, daily, is probably to eat delicious food. I just enjoy it immensely when I get to travel.
It was cool and sunny, perfect for walking around. We hit up Monk's Cafe for a large bottle of beer and then hopped from Irish pub to Irish pub in pursuit of Mike's friends.

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