By Amalarian


It's only a cheap shot if you consider that all I had to do was take a pic of my own office. I didn't even have to comb my hair or put on shoes. But then, it's not so cheap because it's a spit new computer and has created credit card meltdown once again. It took six hours to get it up and running with everything transferred and updates downloaded. Part of the time was used by server glitches which halted the process.

I love it. It's smooth as glass although not any faster than the last one. That particular instrument of torture has gone off to Apple for investigation and repair. It was still under guarantee. When it is fixed, Himself can have a wide screen computer if he wants it.

The other not-so-easy bit about this pic is that I had to clear away the background mess. When I had it right at last, the cat's tawdry cardboard bed appeared very suddenly. He does not care for his posh one.

For the record: + 18 C. Sunny. Humidity 37%. Luigi had a haircut and suddenly looks intelligent and younger. I wish a haircut did that for me.

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