Kirstie Gossage

By KirstieG

Some people take the biscuit

I like to think of myself as a good person. No, really I am. I hope that comes across in my Blips. Life is too short for negative feelings and bitchiness. Do unto others and all that.

But today I am narked as I feel someone has really taken the piss.

Note the above photo there are 3 dogs leads and not just two. We are looking after Barney as his owner has gone on a stag do until Saturday. No problem. He's a 6 month old Cocker puppy so he fits in well but I know I will have to blitz the house after he has gone. Anyway, when he was dropped off this morning it was just him and his lead. No treats, No food, no basket, no toys, no blanket - how the freak does that bloody work!! When I have him for the day I end up feeding him our pups stuff but for three days it is a bit much - am I being unreasonable?? I wouldn't drop one of ours off for three days with just a lead!!!

So, like I say I am a bit narked. Some people take the biscuit don't they?!?!?

Anyway - time to get rid of those bad feelings and get back to normal!!!! I will remember for next time...............I have a long memory!

And calm Kirstie :)

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