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By twigs

Waterfront drenching

Had a good long lie in this morning which my body and mind had clearly needed :)

After a few domestic chores I headed into town once more with the intention of buying a raincoat (I'd taken a broad look at what was available round town yesterday and was confident I knew the key features I was after.) However, on the way in to town - rather like yesterday - I was taken by the scene around the waterfront.

Unlike yesterday's almost mill-pond stillness however, the rain and wind overnight had stirred the bay up into a frenzy today. The waves were crashing wildly into the sea wall, throwing spray up over the footpath and over any pedestrians (and photographers!) who found themselves in their way.

This family caught my eye - unlike almost everyone else who was walking the route and ducking and diving to keep out of the spray, they were revelling in the fun and getting absolutely soaked by the waves and spray! Nothing seemed to matter to them - they truly were living in the moment and enjoying every bit of living it too :) How absolutely wonderfully carefree!

And after all that, my trip to town for a raincoat amounted to nothing! Having decided on the features I wanted I discovered that there wasn't a single jacket which had all - or even most - of them :( Back to the drawing board on that one I guess.

At least the bank account will stay healthy for longer ;)

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I noticed I wrote this last year [2010]:

Strange alert......

I've just noticed that the picture I posted a year ago [2009] was of kids playing.......and the year before [2008] was a baby. I wonder if May 8th is a cosmically significant date for me in relation to children somehow???, with the 4th successive year of May 8th children shots, the question of cosmic meaning is once again posed........

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