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Monkey Monkey Monkey

Had a terrible nights sleep last night because of the back. So after a hot bath I decided to take Appreciation's advice and head for the play park.

I chose the small one as thought there was less chance of looking like a weirdo in front of an audience. Thankfully when I got there it was empty so I started to hand to try and stretch out this back problem.

A few passers by gave my funny looks, especially when I decided to hang upside down on the monkey bars and everything fell out of my pockets. Shortly after I had found all my loose change from under the climbing frame three parents and their children arrived.

They all looked at me a bit strangely and kept their distance, hardly surprising given that I was not with any of the little ones, am bald, in my thirties and was hanging upside down from the monkey bars. I tried to carry on stretching and had one more upside down hang before I felt a bit too stupid and had to leave.

On the way out I said to one of the Mums " I am not a complete nutter you know, I am just trying to fix my back". She said nothing and gave me an uncomfortable smile and watched me leave.

Spent the rest of the day lying on the floor, fingers crossed the back is a bit better tonight and tomorrow. I also saw this on my adventure which I quite liked.

I always take my phone to the toilet also as you never know you may get locked in there and need to call for help

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