Keleidostand = 4 times 365

So, a bit of a celebration, clocking up 1460 uninterrupted blips.

Somehow it seemed appropriate to celebrate by adding another kaleidoscope to my collection. The original is the bandstand on the East Pier in Dún Laoghaire, caught before what began as a pleasant sunny day turned wet and miserable. The wrought-ironwork seemed at the time to be an ideal kaleidoscope candidate, and I'm quite pleased with how it's turned out.

Thanks to Joe and the Blipcentral team for this amazing site. It's been a joy to be involved here since that very first blip all those days ago. Many others have said it already, but it merits saying again: Blipfoto can change your life. For me, certainly, it has proved to be a rock to cling on to during difficult times, and it's provided the regular get-out-and-about spur I so badly needed after my heart surgery two years ago.

So, 1460 has come round. Now for 1500, that nice red camera, and an excuse to flaunt a few personal favourites from the many images which have accumulated here (if my reckoning is correct, that will be on 28th June).

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