Mustard Seeds

By imo_weg


Done it! Finally! Only 5 months late. Postcards are now on their way to various places around the world. As I was walking back from the letterbox I remembered more I need to send. It never ends!! But I like getting postcards (as my postcard wall attests), but an unreciprocated postcard can be the metaphorical cornered elephant in a friendship - everyone knows it's happened (or rather, not happened), but no one wants to mention it. And I really don't mind sending them out at all, even if it does take me quite some time.

Today's batch went out to Iona, Norwich, Connecticut, Minnesota and Maine. If you'd like a tacky Tasmanian postcard in your collection (or want to discuss the elephant that is your postcard to me that I've never returned) make sure I've got your address and I'll get round to it in the next few months. You never know, it may be sooner - I am in exams at the moment. mimblemog [at] for all your postcard needs. I should apologise in advance, especially to whoever gets the 'Arthur's Circus' postcard with the shot from the 1980s. I never understand why standard postcards never get updated, no matter the historical interest, it would be rather nice to send a contemporary shot rather than archaeological relic... There must be an international postcard committee that regulates the industry.

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