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Woods Fun

This morning we headed out to the Hundred Acre Woods to meet some family. We did not tell Toddler anyone she knew would be there so she was pleased to see them all. Lots of fun climbing, swinging and prodding things with sticks was had by all and all before lunch. The woods is very different to when I visited it as a child,where we used to go for long walks. Now there is a fantastic playpark there meaning you spend all your time in there and do not go for any walk at all.

Later in the day we popped round to some of our expectant friends to help them move a couple of bit of furniture to the nursery. In the process one of my feet got a bit squashed and now it hurts. I will apply some arnica cream to it soon. I am not sure if it will swell up or go a funny colour yet and I am not too worried either way to be honest.

If it doesn't then that will be nice, but if it does I can always blip it.

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