All that is beautiful

By sharob

Sleepy baby ..

I had a great day yesterday - thank you for all your birthday wishes, I shall reply individually this evening x

Something really got to me though and thinking back, it consumed a lot of my day and actually, has taken up a lot of this last year. So I've decided that it's time to stop it. I hadn't mentioned my birthday, and my privacy on FB is set so that my birthday doesn't show up. So, by 5pm yesterday, only 6 of my friends had wished me a happy birthday. Not one of them from my March group which I always rave about. Not one single message from any of those ladies. I wrote a status simply saying 'Thank you to all my friends who wished me a Happy 30th, I had a great day', then the messages poured in. Mostly people saying that they didn't know BECAUSE my birthday didn't show up in FB. Now .. forgive me, if I'm wrong, then, wow, I'm a real b1tch and I'll accept that, but, I have most of their birthdays written in a calendar and on my iPhone calendar so that I can message them. I thought that was what friends did, remembered eachother? Or, do we simply just live in a world where we rely on social networking to remember our friends? It wasn't even just a normal birthday. It was my 30th. Hey ho, I've been feeling left out from that group for too long now .. this was just the icing on the cake.

And talking of icing, my cake was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S! I took it to my friends house, she bought me a cupcake tree which I love! She also showed me my new birthday buddies - her cat had her kittens yesterday morning!! I'd blip them, but the photo was taken yesterday, they are so so cute and Clementine is a fantastic Mum! Amazing!

We viewed 4 houses yesterday, was supposed to be 7 but 3 were taken before we could view. The first house was fantastic, the second house wasn't so great, the third blew our minds away, the fourth .. well, we were still thinking about the third. So we've put our applications through. It's brilliant. I really really hope that we get it! It's in Peterborough which I didn't really like the idea of but it's a lovely house. Hopefully there will be some pictures within the next few weeks! It's totally unlike any house we've ever lived in .. :)

My Blip today - we went to the park this morning, and Storm walked 1/3rd of the way home. We all had our lunch, I gave her 2 custard cream biscuits and then sat in the living room with Clara. I thought that Storm had been a little quiet so went to check on her and found her fast asleep in her highchair. Very unusual for her .. so she's up in bed and I'm going to work ..

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