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By sharob

Hold tight ..

We went to the park this morning, we were supposed to meet up with toddler group but I got the time wrong, so we had the whole park to ourselves. Can't complain! The girls both ran around all the play equipment, showing me how brave they are. I'm not one to smother the children, I do just let them get on with it and experiment so that they can get a feel for their own comfort zone. Storm can climb up and down the baby play frame quite confidently now. She can negotiate all the ups and downs and has even started to try to grab the firemans pole to slide off one of the lower platforms .. good on her!

We popped into the shop afterward and grabbed a treat, then saw half the toddler group walking toward the park. Oops! Clara didn't complain, she just dived into her ice cream cone.

Clara fell off her trampoline yesterday, for someone who rarely worries about the childrens activities, I have to say that yesterday was the second time I felt true fear for the safety of my children, she usually backs up to the netting and just stands against it, but we hadn't done the zip - that was the net she went to lean on but just fell through it. Just in front of the trampoline is a small tree stump, so the children can climb on and off safely. Anyway, so she fell out the trampoline, backwards onto this tree stump. I watched her fall away from me, unable to grab her, I just saw her arch backwards, she sobbed a little so I threw the camera down, put her indoors, rescued camera and Storm and then examined Clara. The back of her neck is a little grazed and that's it. I gave her a dose of childrens paracetomol and some biscuits, she sat on the settee and within hours was back up running around like crazy so no major damage. But wow, the fright was the worst I think.

Still waiting to hear news of this new house! Hopefully today!!

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