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By creativelenna

happy anniversary

Today is our 6th wedding anniversary, whoo whoo! We decided to take a train ride! There are working trains where we live and I often hear them in the distance. I said to Steven not too long ago after we heard a train go by, "I'd like to go on that train!" His eyes lit up and he said, then I know what we can do on our Anniversary!

The Florida Railroad Museum in Parrish, Florida is just a bit little north of here and we got tickets for a 2pm train ride. It was an unusual and fun "date" for us! I have a bunch of cool photos, but no time to upload them tonight, I will let you know when I move things around in my folio. The photo above is unusual because it is after all the passengers, including us were off the train.

Steven bought me a wide brimmed straw hat and being the first time I wore it, when I was in the open air car and the wind began to blow, whhoosh! Off my head it flew. Steven asked at the end of the ride if he would be allowed to walk a bit up the tracks and see if he could find it. The young man said no, but they needed to drive the train back the same way and he would look and have them stop the train so he could jump off & get it. He told us to drive 5 or 6 miles down the road and we could meet them in the "yard". This photo was taken as we were waiting for them to return. If you look at it larger, you'll see the young man with my hat in his hands. He found it and was bringing it to me!! I thought this was just so cool, it made me happy. whew! Hope you had a good day, we had a great one. xo lenna

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