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163 / 365 - Anonymous 'Secrets' Challenge: 11

Anonymous Secret 11: "I really want to go to performing college but my parents won't let me. I need to break out."

Haven't done a 'secret' for a long time as I've been so busy - sorry for those who have been waiting! :(

Having a pretty standard sunday of admin work so looked to your secret's for inspiration.

Dear anonymous secret sender: YES! Break out! If you believe you have the talent, determination and thick skin to last in the industry then go for it. Prove to your parents what you've got and that you're worth it. There's nothing wrong with trying. My parents both thought it was a phase, that I'd grow out of it etc, tried to put me off wanting to become a performer when I was younger but then it got more and more serious and now they support it instead. So it can be done... keep working on them! :)

Rooted through my old drama school prospectus's to find this one back from when I was doing my research to apply before the knee injury which changed my plans altogether. My dream drama college is GSA but I don't have their prospectus... so Mountview it is for the photo. :)

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