The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm


I was out looking for a blip on Tuesday evening and stopped off first at Charlcutt, as I had been there exactly one year ago. I found a cow shading under a tree, landscapes and landmarks, but wasn't satisfied.

I made a couple of other stops without success until I realised I was near Highway Common, where I had blipped an Appaloosa pony last June, and pulled up to see if she was there again.

She was in a field with another horse and although they both came right over to where I was, the layers of fencing and hedges meant that their heads were mostly out of sight as they grazed and I wasn't getting the shot I wanted.

After I had been there about ten minutes, their owner turned up to give them some hay and we got to chatting. She was a nurse named Maurese who lived nearby and kept three horses at these paddocks. One was a retired racehorse called Babe, now seven, who I could see in an adjacent field and had also photographed last year. The two in this field were a 2 year old Welsh cob Section D going by the name Roxy (as she had ROXE stencilled on her back), who had no future as a racehorse and would have become horse meat had she not acquired her; and the Appaloosa, who had been rolling around in the mud. She was a 4 year old from Frome, who was quite a character and considered herself a bit of a star. Her name was Easter, because she was born on Easter Sunday.

As we were talking, with swallows twittering and circling overhead, Easter came over to the nearest section of fence to munch on some brambles on the other side of the fence, and I got the head-shots I was after.


R.I.P. Ziggy, a Persian chinchilla, who died 14.6.2011, aged 21.

Lens: Pentax 50-200mm

Day #446
Blip #444
Consecutive Blip #441

Roxy (Sigma 70-300mm)

Hilmarton (Flickr set, including the pictures of Roxy, Babe and Easter taken last June, and the rest from this session)

One Year Ago: Charlcutt

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