Young ones

After a dull wet start the day turned out good, not too cold and a nice bit of sunshine.

Busy in work all day and only chance for a quick walk this evening with the dogs as we are still finishing the kitchen.

It's half term and the kids are off school, there was a gang of lads mucking about down by the Flowey. Barney did his usual running over the weir and round and round until I threw a stick. The kids were delighted with him and asked all kinds of questions,
How far could he swim?
Did Meg go in ?
Could they throw the stick for him?

They took turns and thought it hilarious when he shook water all over them.
The game ended when the swan came flying over obviously had enough of his/ territory being invaded.

Really nice lads, respectful and friendly and Barney and Meg had a good time with them too

Home now, had tea and cleared up, more woodwork to complete tomorrow.

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