The second half of life..

By twigs

Marry me, Sarah Kate!

It's not every day you go along to watch a big game of rugby and all the best half-time action is in the stands right in front of you!!

It was a freezing cold night. The Crusaders were playing a(nother) 'home' match (this time here in Nelson, just 400kms from Christchurch!) at the do-or-die end of the Super 15 competition. They were up by 8 at half time against the Sharks after what had been a very shaky start. Half time was called, the teams headed to the changing rooms and the crowds were left to try and get some circulation back into freezing fingers and toes.

Then onto the scoreboard came a message.......

'Sarah Kate - Will you marry me?'

And just seconds later, this young woman became the centre of attention to hundreds of people all around her as the man in the red cap waited for her answer.........

Cameras clicked, friends cheered, strangers answered for her - and she buried her face in her hands, then eventually, they shared a kiss.

The game resumed - the Crusaders played better and by the end of the match the scoreboard told us all firstly that they won, then - most importantly! - that Sarah had said 'Yes'.

I just love a happy ending! Though really, I guess, it's a happy beginning :)

Congratulations Sarah and Glen - do the 12,000 spectators
all get invitations to the wedding aswell?!??

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