horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

Stairy Stairy Light

Worst music pun ever?

Two bits of photo news today. Firstly, this shot is part of a new wee project I've embarked on. I've had it in mind for a while. I love Art Deco, always have. Something about harking back to that decadent age (if you were rich) of the 30s. I'd go back to live then if I could. As long as I could leave before being drafted into the second world war of course... Anyway, Edinburgh has a huge stash of Art Deco buildings, and armed with a list (with the aid of the lovely citycyclingedinburgh.info forum mob) I'm setting out to photograph a load of them. I'm even going to try and get inside a few.

And this? Fountainbridge Library. A glorious 1939 building on the site of Nelson Hall (built in 1897). Designed by John A W Grant, who was more used to social housing schemes. Presumably this was his triumph, it is now Category B listed.

Just along the road, at 116 Fountainbridge, there is a more functional, but still stylish, telephone exchange. Built in 1950, the building work of Stewart Sim, it was also Category B listed (in 1998). Sim said of the building, " The architect has expressed in a modern way both the function of the building, itself a modern service, and the dignity of a Government undertaking." They don't make 'em (telephone exchanges or builders) like that anymore...

I have plans for these photos.

The other photo news? I got to the semi-finals of the Veolia Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards. That's the big competition (rather than the British Wildlife Photographer Awards I was complaining about last week) with two photos. Fox at the Door, and Gannet Eye were the shots to get through. No further, unfortunately, and it was probably a big cut, but in such a prestigious competition (seriously, this is a big deal) I was rather chuffed to find out.

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