Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Nanna and her Grandsons

A bit too windy for the the boys in the kayaks today too, so this morning we went to the store on Galiano for provisions and spent a lot of time this afternoon on the beach starting to build a fort. (the guys found lots of driftwood and dug out rocks, and have plans for fixing it up more tomorrow. Hope we managed to get above the tide!) I hardly ever post a picture of myself, (and I didn?t click the shutter..) but H. did this with my camera and I kind of like the symmetry of the structure and the color for the portrait of us 3. Maybe when the granddaughters get here I?ll try for one of Boppa and the girls for bookends......
The boys say they are having an ?awesome? time- they have had swedish pancakes every morning.....lots of messing about, drawing, making cookies.....along with lots of outdoor exercise, and a few Star Wars dvds, of course.........

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