Water Park

Very watery indeed.

What a great way that was to clear the long queues - a proper tropical storm that's still chucking down water in the Sunshine State 7 hours later. Mind you, being stuck high up on a crowded stairwell with a few hundred other wet and semi naked people surrounded by metal when the first flashes of lightning arrived wasn't a particularly comfortable place to be. Up until then, we were all having a good old laugh at how much more we could actually get, but the tannoy announcement that basically said "Run for your lives!" stopped that pretty sharpish as everyone flapped their soggy way to a metallic free shelter. Even the 'cabana' (big tent) we'd hired for the day was deemed unsafe and we were urged by a retreating member of staff to seek a safer place to shelter.

An hour and a bit later, the thunder and lightning had passed and the park was back in business; in the pouring rain and with most of the walkways minor rivers. It was quite bizzare swimming around, sliding down pipes in big inner tubes and being flushed down a giant toilet bowl simulator whilst the rain was still pouring down. Dead easy to get on all the attractions though, but not so great for photo opportunities and the big camera stayed safely tucked away.

We've a wedding tomorrow, so off to work out how to get there without incurring another £33 data roaming charge using the iphone SatNav app I used to get here in the first place. (My mistake, wrongly made the assumption that a few minutes wouldn't cost too much - checked this morning to find it costs 9.99 Euros per megabyte during that session. Data Roaming switched off and paper based app now acquired).

Sitting watching the TV now all looking like big pink prunes with white bits - favourite TV advert of the past hour:

Pajama Jeans! They're jeans... but also pajamas. And apparently they fit no matter what shape of derrière you have (they showed pictures to prove it).

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