New Dawn #6

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Half a dozen months into this twenty month project documenting the construction of the new Forth Valley College campus in Alloa, being built on the dirt hill smack bang in the middle of the shot here. Previous posts linked on the numbers above.

As drcraig pointed out previously it's more of a spot-the-difference game just now than anything else. Hard to imagine looking at this that by this time next year we'll be moving in the furniture ready to start a new term with hundreds of new students.

There's at least a big crane in there now (and a couple of pigeons too!) and there's some new signage appeared on the ring road approaching the site. I've still never found out what these cryptic symbols are on these: solid black diamonds, hollow diamonds, triangles, etc., all on yellow signs with no wording. There are a load of them on various signs all over the area just now and I've always being meaning to ask someone in the know what they are for. Anyone?

Petrol Price update (Check BIG version): 114.9 per litre unleaded, 117.9 for diesel - back up a penny from last month, but a whopping 18p a litre cheaper than we were going to be charged on the Isle of Arran this time last week. Scandalous.

PS: Seems like the post yesterday did have some magical effect after all - found my ten-day-missing set of keys this morning tucked away down one of the back seats in the car!

Knew they were there actually, was just keeping them safe...

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