By earthdreamer

Yorkshire Fog

Strangely enough, the sky looks bigger in large

I'm not going to tire you out with a long write-up this time. I've had to get my head down to do some work today as I'm behind on deadlines. I wonder why that is?

I can just report that my legs are rather sore today - but not as painful as I expected them to be. Perhaps all this yomping around on the moor with the camera has been better conditioning than I expected. I took the bike out tonight to head over to catch the end of the thirds' game against Burley. We lost, but No.2 son bagged his highest ever score by a country mile, hitting an undefeated 35 runs, certainly more than he's got in every other innings this season combined - and probably last season as well. He's a pretty happy bunny tonight! Me too. I'm so chuffed for him.

I'm posting this particular image because I think it captures the feeling of my evening ride really well. Big dramatic skies and lots of this wonderful grass (which thanks to Mollyblobs I now know to be called Yorkshire Fog) swaying in the wind. I captured it at the beginning of last week with Standing Tall. but this image shows how one more typically sees it, bent over in these wonderfully graceful arcs.

Yesterday's blip was of the spire of St.Andrew's Church at Blubberhouses. I'm sure I will blip this again as it's very photogenic.

Apologies once more if I've been slacking on feeding back into this wonderful community. It's just been a little hectic this weekend!

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