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By Damnonii

Is it a Turd? No, it's French Bread!

100 blips! Made it! My first blip milestone (apart from losing the L plates of course)

I?ll let you in to a wee secret. This should actually be my 365th blip as I was all set to start blipping when we were on holiday in France last year but the house we were renting didn?t have wifi and I didn?t want to start off my journal with 2 weeks of back blips.

Well that was my formal excuse but if the truth be known, the feeling of who on earth would want to look at, far less comment on any photos I had taken, was a strong factor in my reluctance to begin.

Well thanks to my lovely, observant hubby, who noticed how much pleasure I got out of snapping pics with my little compact camera and who totally surprised me on Christmas morning with the fantastic gift of a DSLR camera, I finally plucked up the courage to begin blipping whilst on our Easter holidays in April, at the lovely Tide Cottage in Emsworth. How fitting then that my 100th blip should fall when we are on holiday once again, this time on our summer hols in France.

I really didn?t think I would last more than 2 weeks on here as I figured that when I got home from Tide Cottage, I would really struggle to find anything of interest to blip or write about. Of course, what I hadn't counted on was my fellow blippers and within days of starting to blip, I began to realise that not only is blipping an addictive hobby, but that the world is full of many, many wonderful people who co-incidentally make up the Blip Community!

And what a community it is! I am so happy to be a part of it. I have laughed, cried, got angry, exasperated , felt sadness as well as tremendous excitement when reading your journals and of course, had the privilege to view and be inspired by your most amazing photographs and get to share a little of your lives. And make friends! A privilege indeed!

And to all of you who have subscribed to my journal, commented on my photos or even just quietly sneaked in for a quick look and sneaked out again....I say a million Thank Yous. Your encouragement means SO much!

Ok, enough with the mushy stuff....I?m welling up here and as it?s 32 degrees I can ill afford to lose any more bodily fluids!

So, today?s blip. This has caused no end of mirth here. I wanted to be all arty-farty and blip the French bread and the sunflowers in the pool. (it's supposed to represent the number 100....please tell me you see that! :))

Hubby was the only one daft enough willing volunteer to go in the pool and set the shot up for me, with me standing on the edge.

As soon as the bread went in the water, him and Bruv-in-law, K resorted to being 14 again and started sniggering about it looking like a turd! Stop laughing, you're making waves! I'm screaming from the edge, as I'm standing in the baking sun getting redder and redder and hotter and hotter (and not in a good way!) Meanwhile all my props are floating off in different directions!

D gathered them all together again, numerous times, and this is the final shot before the poor, water logged bread was saved from sinking to the pool floor!

D then posed rather provocatively with the sunflowers against his chest. I almost blipped that shot to get him back for snorting like a naughty school boy at the turd bread!

Oh and this was supposed to be a whole bread stick but some gannet ate it! No one is willing to admit responsibility but I have my suspicions!!!

So, Happy Monday Blip Friends but I can?t end my 100th blip journal entry without a saying a VERY BIG THANK YOU to my lovely friend Roaminaround who told me about Blipfoto in the first place.

Her journal is an amazing account of her most wonderful family life and never fails to inspire and exhaust me inequal measure with all the fab things she and her lot get up to.

Thank you R, I will be raising a wee glass or two to you this evening xxx

First Blip

(hahahahahahahahaha...yes I agree, the bread also looks like an amputated finger!!! hahahahahahahaha :)))

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