As Told By Ginger

By 9to12

Two Points

This morning after breakfast I went on my run. I ran for about forty-five minutes outside scoping out some clues for today's event: The Amazing Race. In this competition, teams of ten people are given fifty-five minutes and a list of things they must do or take pictures of or know. It is the hardest activity at Woodloch and personally, it's my favorite. Me and my brother ran around doing the bonus stuff like kayaking in the lake, playing charades and 52-card pick-up, and hula-hooping. At 5:00, most of the guests gathered in the nightclub for this weeks award ceremony. We found out that we got two points in the Lawn Games (last place), two points in the Pool Games (last place), and one hundred and ninety-five points in the Amazing Race (also last place). I don't care how poorly we did, I had a great time! The staff show tonight was hilarious!

Word of the Day: Apodictic - Necessarily true or logically certain

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