By Viewpoint

The begonia's that we planted out in pots are not doing too well this year. This is the first flower on one plant, but there are several more that have hardly grown. A Lensbaby shot today.

Tai Chi this morning, followed by some clearing up of Red Valerian plants which are now going to seed. They grow anywhere and everywhere and before long there will be thousands of them sprouting in the drystone walls and in the cracks of the pavement. They take too much keep up with and I'm thinking of taking some drastic action to reduce their numbers.

Allotment produce: first courgettes, a few strawberries, a cabbage and some Charlotte potatoes today. I spent some time watering but it's now rained quite heavily - thank goodness!

Camera Club tonight - we'll see if Guiri is right and that they will regard my image as more flower than glass! Not to worry, I like it and I've learnt a lot doing it. I've decided that I need to aim for the things I like - this judging seems to be very idiosyncratic so why try and second guess what someone else will like?

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