horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

Hip to Pedal Squares

For the first time in weeks (and weeks and weeks) I got a decent night's sleep. Borderline insomnia y'see. Nothing major, but recently been surviving on 4 hours sleep a night max. So last night feeling knackered at 11 was capitalised on, and it meant I woke early (6.20) feeling refreshed - and so the original plan to head out the door with camera and breakfast was adhered to.

I popped by Duddingston House first thing for the first time, then on to the Meadows to dine and watch the cyclists heading by (as well as mercilessly copying Instography's style (with less impressive results) with a 1:3ish (I wasn't checking) crop of Middle Meadow Walk), and a quick Marchmont spin to get some shots of a little Art Deco cafe there.

Of course there's always someone willing to spoil the mood. Such as Mr Mercedes and a few others this AM.

Ooh, that's a looooooovely brand new shiny silver Mercedes you have there. Why in god's name are you so intent on putting a cyclist shaped dent in the side then? Hmmm? Oh, and I was being sarcastic, I don't like Mercedeseseses...

Riding at 25mph downhill, having checked, twice, over my shoulder, indicating to turn right, central reservation coming up... Why on earth did you still start trying to indicate? And when you realised the utter stupidity why did you then, after pulling in behind me and losing about 1.73 seconds on the whole transaction, beep me and wave something incoherently???? AAAAARRRRGGGGHHH! I JUST DON'T GET IT!

Nor the hordes of drivers willing to overtake on blind corners on the road south of Arthur's Seat.

SIX of them this morning (three each at two particular points). For the very last I could see the car coming the other way and waved (quite remonstratingly) at the driver behind not to come past as was obvious he was going to do. He paused, but only momentarily, before the foot found the loud pedal again, before swerving back in front of me, just in time to avoid an head-on collision with (ironically) a silver Mercedes coming the other way who was forced to brake. I WASN'T WAVING AT YOU TO STOP FOR THE GOOD OF MY HEALTH!

Actually, that's not strictly true, I was worried you'd panic and swerve into the side of me, so it was for the good of my health.


I hope your passenger gave you a talking to.

But somehow I doubt it.

Arthur's Seat Sunrise

Addition: Just had the cat appear with a bird in her mouth. Normally they're still alive (at least they were the couple of times I've found her with a bird) and I can save them; the Long-Tailed Tit she just arrived with didn't stand a chance - poor wee thing. No idea where she got it from since she doesn't wander far, and we never see LTTs int he garden.

Addition Addition: sad to see Voeckler lose out on Alpe d'Huez today - expected, but still sad.

Addition Addition Addition: off out to Castle Terrace for eateriness tonight. We're Kitchin fans, so kinda hoping of more of the same...

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