By ArcLight

Who are we to believe?

So. Who are we to believe? Those who say that this is just a low key private wedding, or those responsible for putting up "Major Event. Expect Delays" signs on streets like Leith Walk, as you come into Edinburgh City Centre?

Well, I know for sure that we will be staying out of the City Centre tomorrow, although we do need to head over to George Square in the evening for the last of our Jazz Festival concerts. However, my vote, if tomorrow is as nice as today has turned out to be, after a grey start, would be to head out to the coast again, as we did last Sunday.

I discovered something enormously interesting yesterday. Well, interesting for me, anyway. I had been wondering why my overall number of views had risen quite dramatically even though, after I publish them, my pictures rarely get more than 40 or so views, and a few comments. None of these views were coming with new comments either. A little investigation in my blip archive led me to discover that this photo has, at the time of writing, nearly 600 views, and all the ones around it have 100-200 views. This is completely out of line for my journal, but of course any attention is always welcome. Further investigation revealed that this photo, tagged Edinburgh, Castle, but with the words "iconic view" appearing in the text, appears on the second page of results if you google "iconic views Edinburgh". I will word all future photographs of Edinburgh accordingly, and of course tag and discuss in detail in this entry the importance, for the economy of Edinburgh and the general welfare of Scotland, of the nuptials of Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall, whoever they are. Let's see what happens, when the google worms crawl around the interwebs and pick up the tags and text.

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