My Year in Pictures

By jenny


Well what a fun day we've had!

Our houseguest decided to wake everyone (including the neighbours) up at 5.45am and simply refused to be quiet!

And of course then was snoozing gently when we were all wide awake!

Had an earlier walk than normal and he was so well behaved - following me and Bill and appearing to pay attention....

Until we turned the corner to come home.

When he decided to take off and explore another path paying no heed at all to my calls.

And whilst he might be little and you can catch up with him relatively easily, actually catching him is another matter. Thankfully I did before he headed off into the sheep field.

So lots of snoozing when we got back interspersed with a bit of bone gnawing.

Bill gnaws these bones too and they've been very good at swopping nicely, however Bill (nor any of our other dogs) doesn't bury bones.

Sizzles does.

He picks one up, wanders to one end of the garden and buries it.

Then 30 minutes later he's out again and transporting it to the other end of the garden.

Very funny to watch as he's doing it with a bone that's almost as big as his head.

Thankfully the holes he digs aren't really holes - more like a light surface excavation - and he's very good at recognising the word "no" when he attempts to bring a muddy bone into the lounge with the nice cream rug.

Currently curled up on the bed in the study as I write this. Butter wouldn't melt honest.

And in other news - thankfully Bill won the vote yesterday.

And on a technical note - why on earth did I try and take a picture of a black dog facing into the sun!!!!!

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