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This House is Lived In

This house is near the station near work. I am not sure whether actually someone lives there, though, I think probably not. I can not be sure though as the bin placement looks like it gets used. Either way I am not going to knock on and see. It is a shame it is in such a mess as it is in a nice location next to a stream.

In other news Baby seems to be on the mend and has his smile back a bit more now. Hopefully he will be back to his usual chirpy self tomorrow.

Toddler though seems to be fighting the system a bit at the moment. She never wants her dinner and she never wants to go to bed. Tonight I ran out of ideas of how to deal with her after she peppered me with an array of undesirable behaviour. First she refused to go to bed, citing untiredness as the problem. Then she started the onslaught of shuttle runs out of her room, Then came the multiple toilet requirements followed by a naked protest about pyjama wearing.

In the end Wife came to the rescue and I left the room. Within minutes Toddler was dressed and back sitting in bed quietly. I can only presume she has paid her off.

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