By Runningbackwards

Intermediate Sprints

There used to be an intermediate sprints jersey in the Tour de France, for which the leader used to be awarded a red jersey. It was abolished in 1989 so the fact that this man's partner has just beaten him to the little tree road sign shouldn't affect his overall standing.

Torn between searching for more cows in Alpine Meadows today or getting on with the holiday! The holiday wins out with a bit of cycling (or did it?) Son #1 has obviously been watching the Tour de France as he asked me to push him for some of the ride.

Against the rules, I said

Rules are for breaking, said the wise 6 year old

It rained last night, and rained, and then some more. It was great.

Anyway, the boys are doing journals or watching Robots so I'm off to ride up the Col de Leschaux. If that produces a better picture, things may change.

Thanks for all your comments yesterday. I would pretend I'm not a ratings chaser but my two most 'popular' shots have been cows. What is it that appeals about our bovine friends?! If it keeps on raining I will get round to writing back but in the meantime, thanks..

Okay, so a fantastic ride with views over most of Lake Annecy and beyond. I did see a cow (in fact a calf!) and thought it blippable but I have resisted putting it here and instead place it in the quiet backwaters of blipfolio!

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