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Last night did not go well, and Baby proved that he is not quite ready to just put up with me and water all night. At about 11.30pm we were woken by hoards (over 30 at least) of late teens charging down our street singing anti-Portsmouth songs. In my knackered state it was quite shocking to see just how many of them were out there. I can only presume some party had been kicked out up the road. Big numbers or not I didn't fancy their chances singing those songs on a Saturday night at kicking out time.

Amazingly Baby did not wake, not until five minutes later anyway. An hour or so later I had got him back to sleep. Sadly an hour after that he was up again and everytime I thought he was off he woke. In the end I held out the white flag, and in went Wife. Baby had won, for now anyway.

Today we went to visit Grandad and Grandma today for a catch up and a lovely lunch (the nicest spuds I have had all year). Toddler was lively and chatty whilst Baby was a little on the quiet side, but then we can see two teeth coming through so that is not too surprising.

Before lunch whilst sitting outside sheltering from the showers and doing some colouring with Toddler I felt something on my arm. I looked down, saw this fella and jumped a mile. He was clearly attracted to me green t-shirt. Toddler was very interested in it, that was until he climbed up the table near her at which point it was suddenly not fun anymore.

Oh, toddler quote added to yesterdays blip!

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