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life.turns. 3 - Bestest Bag Man

Well thought I would have an early crack at a life turns so that I could relax for the rest of the day in preparation for tomorrow.

This was easier than yesterday as I could balance a bit better. I would have liked to have left a bit more foot space but I do not have time to reshoot and the positioning seems good enough.

In the past I have been a best man on three occasions for three different people, two friends and one brother. Each time filled me with stress and dread.

The first two times were about ten years ago, within two months of each other so between writing speeches and planning stag partys it was a busy summer. The first speech went better than the second but I did have better material given that the groom had shot one of our friends in the leg with an air rifle at the venue of the reception some years earlier. Friendly fire apparently. Anyway the mad cow disease joke went down well on both occasions, which was nice.

I swore that I would not be a best man again after these but then last year another close friend got married and I could not say no when asked, especially as he was my best man. So lots of stress again but it went ok, the big gag at the end fell on its bum a little but I blame the microphone as not everyone could hear it.
But I knew it was a gamble but decided that if it paid off it was worth the risk.

If you dont take the odd opportunity to be silly then you may not make as many people laugh, well thats my motto / excuse anyway!

As for being a best man again well that is a no, probably, unless one of them asks again. At least I have a suit ready in case!

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